To assist Catholic communities in becoming increasingly evangelized and evangelizing communities of faith, overseeing the development and execution of evangelization goals to fulfill the Lord's command to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19) and make our parishes, schools, and homes places where people gather as joyful and actively involved everyday evangelized evangelizers. (See Bio in the About section.)

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    God bless you. And...
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    United in Christ for a New Evangelization from sea to shining sea,

    Martha Fernández-Sardina
    New Evangelization Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Consultant
    Spanish. English. Some Portuguese.

A Tribute to A Holy Man, A Timely Mission, A Great Method – Academically Excellent and Passionately Catholic

A GOOD MAN… A HOLY FATHER… A SERVANT LEADER… Has gone home to the Father… after helping rebuild the Church Universal and leaving a legacy of living stoneis! In tribute to Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R., a Franciscan Friar of the Third Order Regular, a son of St. Francis of Assisi, whom he endeavored to imitate … Continue reading

LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS. #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS. How different the world would be if we were all more trusting and trustworthy! 84, 83, 82… days left until the end of the Extraordinary #JubileeYearOfMercy. It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy. Here is how… #100WaysIn100Days! 18) TRUST ONE ANOTHER.  Pope Francis invites us to do so, while reflecting on St. … Continue reading

LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS. #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS. Are you ready to give and receive fault-bearing love? We all want it and need it. And thank God that “Love coexists with imperfection. It “bears all things” and can hold its peace before the limitations of the loved one.” 85, 84, 83… days left until the end of the Extraordinary … Continue reading

LOVE REJOICES IN TRUTH, NOT EVIL! #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE REJOICES IN THE TRUTH AND IN ANOTHER’S GOOD, NOT EVIL. 86, 85, 84 days left until the end of the Extraordinary #JubileeYearOfMercy. It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy. Here is how… #100WaysIn100Days! 17) LOVINGLY REJOICE WITH OTHERS IN THE TRUTH! Negativity. Toxicity. Constantly comparing and competing. Rejoicing secretly in other people’s failures. Rejoicing … Continue reading

LOVE FORGIVES! #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE FORGIVES. Do we? 100, 99, 98… 85 days left until the end of the Extraordinary #JubileeYearOfMercy. Pope Francis challenges us once again to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy and #BeGodsMercy during and beyond this year of grace and favor from our God. It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy. Find and put into practice daily … Continue reading

LOVE IS NOT RUDE. #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy! #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE IS NOT RUDE. Are we being schooled in courtesy, sensitivity, agreeableness, respect, disinterestedness, and the “otherness” that uproots rudeness and veiled antisocial behavior? You can do it! So can I. And it’s not optional, rather, Pope Francis says, it is “an essential requirement of love.” Let us learn to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy during and … Continue reading

LOVE IS NOT BOASTFUL. Are you? #LiveMercy! #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE IS NOT BOASTFUL. Are you? Pushy and condescending? Haughty and inflated with self-importance? Puffed up while looking down on others? Stop it! God disapproves. Others do too. It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy! Learn to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy during and beyond these last 89 days of the #JubileeYearOfMercy! 89 days left… #100WaysIn100Days … Continue reading

DON’T BE JEALOUS. It hinders true love. #100WaysIn100Days

DON’T BE JEALOUS. It hinders true love. Learn to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy during and beyond the these last 90 days of the #JubileeYearOfMercy! It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy! #100WaysIn100Days 90 days left… 11) DON’T BE JEALOUS.  Amazing the type of words associated with jealousy! Envy · covetousness · suspicion · suspiciousness · distrust … Continue reading