The countdown has begun – Patrick Madrid is coming to town in less than 30 days!

Because seeing him on TV this whole month and next month are not enough, Catholic author and host of the “Open Line” radio show, Patrick Madrid is coming to San Antonio to present an all-new Catholic Apologetics Seminar!

Archdiocesan Apologetics Seminar with Patrick Madrid!

Friday, February 18 from 7:00-9:30 pm

Saturday, February 19 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Hall

If you know someone who has left the Catholic Church or has faith-related questions and objections, or someone who is declaring to be an atheist or an agnostic, and you wish you had answers, you need to attend -and invite them to attend- this important and information-packed Archdiocesan Apologetics Seminar.

  • Catholics are increasingly facing situations at home, at work, and among their peers in which questions are raised, for which they often lack sound and reasoned answers.
  • Sometimes we know the answers, but we are not exactly sure how best to explain or defend the Faith we hold so dearly or whether we ought to be concerned about the faith development of those near and dear to us.
  • At other times, as a result of the growing relativism and secularism we are constantly exposed to “evangelizers” outside the Church, some of us may begin to question some of the tenets of our Catholic Faith, becoming confused about what we really ought to believe and share with others in a compassionate but convincing manner.

Time to learn the biblical and historical roots of Catholic teaching,

in order to stand firm in the Faith we have received from Christ

and share it lovingly and effectively with others! 

We can help! This year’s Archdiocesan Apologetics Seminar with veteran apologist and author Patrick Madrid will include several talks and an open forum:

  • Answers to Lies Society Tells You
  • The Godless Delusion: How to Respond to Atheist’s Claims
  • The Bible and the Catholic Church: A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • The Case for Christ
  • How to Explain the Sacraments to Someone Who Doesn’t Believe in Them
  • Stump the Apologist: An Open-Forum Q&A Workshop

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from veteran Catholic apologist, Patrick Madrid, how you can explain your Faith more intelligently, defend it more charitably, and share it more effectively.


DATES: Friday, February 18 from 7:00-9:30 pm

                    Saturday, February 19 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

PLACE: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Hall – 600 Oblate Drive

                   San Antonio TX 78216

COST: $10 per person (includes a boxed lunch)

Contact the archdiocesan Office for Evangelization to register today ( / 210-734-1990 / and spread word among your friends by word of mouth, email, Facebook, blogs, text, and every other means of communication you use. Regularly visit our blog ( and our website for updates and resources of all kinds, including TV shows, Catholic news and views, reflections and inspiration.

Put these dates on your calendar, tell all your friends,



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