Are you coming? Patrick Madrid is! — Archdiocesan Apologetics Seminar on February 18-19

I wish to personally invite you to register for our Archdiocesan Apologetics Seminar and promote it among your contacts!

It’s only $10 per person, and that includes a boxed lunch on Saturday!  At this incredibly low price, it would be a shame to miss this great opportunity!

I believe veteran Catholic apologist, author, and radio host Patrick Madrid’s practical insights and resources will be very useful to all who attend. 

Learn the biblical and historical roots of our 2000 year-old Catholic Faith and how what we believe goes back to the very beginning of Christianity. Take advantage of this magnificent seminar to become better equipped to give reason for the Faith we profess and share it with your families, friends and neighbors! 

Tell your family and friends about this: email your distribution lists, post on your Facebook page, text message your contacts, ask your pastor or parish secretary if the announcement will be made from the pulpit and in the bulletin, ask for permission to post the color flyer on bulletin boards… In a word…

Register today and invite others to attend an

Apologetics Seminar in San Antonio

  • February 18-19, 2011
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Hall (600 Oblate Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216)
  • $10 per person (includes boxed lunch)

Email us ( if you wish to receive color or black/white registration forms, posters, and pulpit and bulletin announcements to register and be read, printed, posted, inserted, and otherwise distributed at parishes, schools, organizations, and among associates!

Do not be fooled. What we believe goes back to the beginning of Christianity! And it’s high time we learn how to share this with others who ask or question, doubt or oppose our Catholic beliefs.

Infant Baptism

“Every soul that is born into flesh is soiled by the filth of wickedness and sin. . . . In the Church, baptism is given for the remission of sins, and, according to the usage of the Church, baptism is given even to infants. If there were nothing in infants which required the remission of sins and nothing in them pertinent to forgiveness, the grace of baptism would seem superfluous” (Homilies on Leviticus 8:3 [A.D. 248]). “The Church received from the apostles the tradition of giving baptism even to infants. The apostles, to whom were committed the secrets of the divine sacraments, knew there are in everyone innate strains of [original] sin, which must be washed away through water and the Spirit.” – Origen (Commentaries on Romans 5:9 [A.D. 248])

The Intercession of Saints

“Then [during the Eucharistic prayer] we make mention also of those who have already fallen asleep: first, the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, that through their prayers and supplications God would receive our petition …” – Cyril of Jerusalem (Catechetical Lectures 23:9 [A.D. 350])

The Primacy of Peter

“Likewise it is decreed . . . that it ought to be announced that . . . the holy Roman Church has been placed at the forefront not by the conciliar decisions of other churches, but has received the primacy by the evangelic voice of our Lord and Savior, who says: ‘You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it; and I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven . . . ’ [Matt. 16:18–19]. The first see, therefore, is that of Peter the apostle, that of the Roman Church, which has neither stain nor blemish nor anything like it.” – Pope Damasus I (Decree of Damasus 3 [A.D. 382])

Visit our sites frequently for regular updates: and

Thanks for partnering with us in this great mission of evangelization which has become as important and as urgent a priority as it was for first century Catholic Christians.

United in Christ for a New Evangelization,

Martha Fernández-Sardina
Director, Office for Evangelization

Archdiocese of San Antonio
2718 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio TX 78228

210-734-1668 /


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