I Want to Be Like Them When I Grow Up!

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox: 2011 Pescadores de Hombres Award Recipients

In September of 1986, Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox left their respective careers in hotel management and the travel industry to work full-time for St. Matthew Catholic Church. For the first seven years, their main ministry was door-to-door home visitation; in the first two years they visited over 10,000 families. They also helped establish outreach ministries at St. Matthew’s parish. In 1993, they founded the Pilgrim Center of Hope as a response to John Paul II’s call for a “new evangelization” to encourage Catholics to live and share their faith.

Tom was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate in August, 1988. Mary Jane is a member of the ENDOW (Educating On the Nature and Dignity of Women) Advisory Board and the National Council of Catholic Women. They became Oblates of the Congregation of St. John in 1991.

Tom and Mary Jane’s mission has included travel to parishes in California, Kansas, Louisiana, Mexico, and within Texas, giving presentations on their ministry experiences, and conducting parish missions and on door-to-door home visitation outreach. In June, 1989 and June, 1990, they assisted the pastor of St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Belize City, Belize in a parish-wide evangelization effort. Their Ministry of Pilgrimages has led them to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Their specialty is the Holy Land, having traveled there close to 40 times since 1986. Tom and Mary Jane have received their Holy Land Guide Cards from the Commission of Christian Pilgrimages in the Pontifical Institute of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem.

Their work includes producing and hosting a weekly program, Catholicism Live, which airs on TV and radio simultaneously, as well as organizing a Catholic Women’s Conference and a Catholic Men’s Conference every year. Their ministry work has been featured in five nationwide Catholic periodicals and on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) TV show, Living His Life Abundantly, and in 1995 on the video I Am the Bread of Life, produced by Stepstone Productions, Inc. In February, 2008 they received the Catholic Television of San Antonio (CTSA) Leadership Award. Just this month, in March of 2011, they received the Guadulupe Radio Network (GRN) Pescadores de Hombres award.

“The call we received from the Lord to serve in the field of Catholic evangelization has been a most enlightening, inspirational, and challenging vocation! Living and working at the Pilgrim Center of Hope is a unique setting. We have discovered this mission to be a very important part of our lives!” – Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox

One Response to “I Want to Be Like Them When I Grow Up!”
  1. Thank you Martha for your comments! It’s always good to share with fellow Catholic Evangelist the joy of serving the Lord and His Church!
    God bless you Martha and your mission in “casting the net” in the Archdiocese!

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