I’m Invited To the Royal Wedding!

Yes! So exciting! Quite extraordinary when you really think of it. A tremendous and unmerited privilege. A debt I will never be able to repay. And not just me: my whole family is invited. Some, for reasons I do not fully understand, have declined. Maybe next time.

 The preparation up to this point has been exhilarating. There is so much that goes into attending a royal wedding!

You need to learn quite a bit about the royals: who are they and why they are considered royal, what life is like for them, and how one must behave in their presence, the Do’s that are expected of you and the Dont’s you must avoid if you wish not to be disqualified and be barred from entering.

You need to learn what is expected of guests out of deference for the one who invited you to such an amazing wedding feast. You need to learn how to relate to other guests, and how to act in the presence of the family of the groom, especially the Queen; what to say and not say, how and when to greet the Prince and the Queen and each of the members of the Royal Family.

Then there is the essential question: What will I wear?! What is the dress code? What is appropriate attire? How will I wear it? What if my attire is inappropriate? What if it gets wrinkled… or gets a stain on the way there… or loses its sweet aroma and acquires an odious odor somewhere? What to do?! Will attire be provided, if there is a need?

Where will I stay? Will we all be together? Are the reservations made? Were they made properly? Is it paid in full… or is a deposit required? Is all provided for or must we be sure to acquire and bring some of the essentials ourselves? What shall we leave behind?

How will I get there?  Will it be costly? What’s the safest, surest, shortest, and sweetest way to get there – on time and ready to celebrate in full?

What gifts will I bring? After all, what can you give someone who has it all! What might they want or need or appreciate or cherish? When do I present these? Will gifts be given to the guests? What does one do upon receiving a gift?

There is the proper etiquette and protocol to follow at all times, in every way, not so as to stifle the free-flowing spontaneity of people who are happy to have been invited to such a magnificent wedding feast, but in order to add to its splendor – each person behaving according to plan for the proper functioning of the whole.

This wedding feast has kept me enthralled for months now! Longer, really. It’s such a significant event, such an amazing celebration. Historic, really.

I am thinking about the wedding gown the bride will wear… How beautiful it will be – capable of enthralling her groom, he whom her heart loves.

I am thinking about the wedding band and other symbols that they are so taken!

And the vows – may they mean what they say! May they become one, and may fidelity to the solemn promise reign!

Hopefully, there will be no self-protecting “prenuptial agreement” like those that too often reveal that one or both does not truly intend to or trust that they will remain united for life, sharing with one another all they are and have.

The whole place will be decorated in such a heavenly manner, likely beyond description, awakening a sense of new life and light and a longing for unity and everlasting love.

And the music! The music at each turn will be angelic, raising hearts and minds to things sublime and to undying love, arousing within the heart of both bride and groom a new song, one that they will sing to one another for years to come in the intimacy of their married love!

The Maid of Honor and the bridesmaids come to mind… What a joy for them to see their maiden companion down the aisle that will lead her from a life on her one to a life of oneness with another who will love her as he loves his very self. Hopefully, they have played a key role in helping the bride prepare well, and not just with the exterior details of the ceremony, but with the inner preparation for a new life and a new name and a new destiny and a new role to play as a member now of the royal family.

Who are the groomsmen and how will they help the Best Man assist the groom at this most important moment? Trusted friends, good friends, useful friends, friends who have walked with him, struggled with him, suffered with him, rejoiced with him, lifted him up, becoming his intimate companions in this life.

The father of the bride must be filled with joy and pride! He must be filled with such satisfaction at seeing his daughter grown to maturity, ready to make her life one with another, out of sacrificial love.

And how great must the groom’s mother’s joy and pride be, however absent she may appear to be. She is present, nonetheless, as good mothers always are – from womb to tomb – in more ways than we know!

Beyond what will happen on this most extraordinary wedding day, one cannot but help think about the honeymoon. Once alone with one another, what will it be like for them – even after all these years of getting to know one another better each day? It will be different now, as husband and wife, with a depth of intimacy born from conjugal love!

We have some idea of where the bride and groom will live and we know they will live and grow closer together and bring forth fruit from their married love, though the very depths of this love and unity will remain veiled for now.

One thing they will not need to worry about is the cost of living or the cost of the wedding: neither is inexpensive, quite the opposite, but it’s all been taken care of, as long as they remain who they are. So nice!

As for we who have been invited to the wedding feast: oh, the royal treatment we will receive! The privilege and the experience will last a lifetime. No, memories such as these last forever!

I am so thrilled that I have been invited toto the Royal Wedding! I wouldn’t miss it for anything! That’s why I am almost there, on my way, and can barely wait the short time before it begins.

I can barely wait to see the bride bedecked with her jewels, crowned as Princess, radiant with joy, surrounded by love, and secure in the promise of endless bliss! The bride is sure to exclaim again and again: let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!

The preparation time for this great moment has been all about making sure I take the safest, surest, shortest, and sweetest way so as to arrive without delay or incident; ready, well-groomed, with the proper attire and all the necessary provisions, unwrinkled and unstained; trained in proper etiquette and protocol; with gifts fitting for royalty; joyful and well-disposed to celebrate everlasting love; gracious and grateful for the invitation and the all-expenses paid journey; perfecting the Do’s and avoiding the Don’ts; ready and able to properly relate to all the wedding guests; anxious to greet the Prince and the Queen; accompanied by great travel companions!

I have been invited to the Royal Wedding. And I am almost there, please God!

And so are you!

“The wedding feast of the Lamb has begun and his bride is prepared to welcome Him.” (Rev. 19:7)

You too are invited to the Royal Wedding Feast of the Lamb, Jesus Christ: the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and died and rose for you and me and every human being, that we might be wed to Him for all eternity!

“The wedding feast of the Lamb has begun and his bride is prepared to welcome Him.” (Rev. 19:7)

The Groom awaits His Bride – you and me, His Church! The Queen Mother is anxious to see us home! The Father is filled with joy and pride at what His Son won for one and all!

“The wedding feast of the Lamb has begun and his bride is prepared to welcome Him.” (Rev. 19:7)

Are you ready? Are you preparing well? Do you know how to get there, how to secure your eternal lodging, what is expected of you, and how to make sure you are properly attired and ready to enter in? Are you surrounding yourself with the right travel companions – bridesmaids and groomsmen that will help you reach the finish line well and on time and not allow you to deviate from your God-given path?

“The wedding feast of the Lamb has begun and his bride is prepared to welcome Him.” (Rev. 19:7)

On your mark, get ready, get set … go!

One Response to “I’m Invited To the Royal Wedding!”
  1. Alice Rutkowski says:

    This was really great. I will prepare for my Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Hope you really were invited to the Royal Wedding.

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