How uplifting and promising to see a young couple looking so gorgeous, happy, and ready for marriage!

I attended a wedding this past Saturday. How uplifting and promising to see a young couple, 23 year-olds, looking so gorgeous, happy, and ready!

They discerned prayerfully what they are called to.

They decided wisely that now was the time to begin the rest of their lives together.

They prepared well for this most important of moments, for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

And they are now wed for life! Yep: for life! They did not hesitate to swear before God and men that they will be faithful and are committed to one another for better or for worse, for poorer or richer, in sickness or in health… till death.

It is so refreshing to know that there are still young people who understand the basics of life, and have the courage and the love and the faith needed to take that step!

Some may think they are too young; that they should have waited until they established themselves in their careers and made some money and traveled some more and… But this young couple believes -and so do I- that when you have discerned what you are called to -to form a family and live the rest of your life together- you need not wait till secondary, albeit important, things are attained. No, they can pursue these together versus separately, with the added bonus (not drawback!) of enjoying God’s blessing and favor and sanctifying grace in Holy Matrimony.

Why wait when you know you’ve found the right person to become one with? Why wait or fear if God is on your side? Why wait till you are “wiser” when wisdom comes from God and can be with them? Like Solomon in the First Reading of this past Sunday’s Mass (Wisdom 3:5ff), they can pray to the Lord and ask, not for riches or a long life, but for an understanding heart to distinguish right from wrong and be successful in all their endeavors. God granted Solomon his request and made him the wisest man ever known before and since his prayer – he who prayed to God because he was “a mere youth” with a huge task, that of succeeding his father David as king. These young newlyweds also have a big task before them -that of becoming what they now are: one flesh, indissolubly united for life! But they need not fear their youth or inexperience: all they need to do is pray like Solomon for wisdom, often, even daily.  (That’s something I like to do daily using another prayer of Solomon found in Wisdom 9, which is prayed around the world as the second psalm or canticle for Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours on Saturday of Week III:

With the support of family, friends, and their faith community they will have every reason to look back and say: We got this right from the start! I have reason to believe they have gotten it right from the start, as I witnessed their focus, their determination to keep the main thing the main thing, and their frugality – choosing to do without the non-essentials that too many couples spend far too much money and energy on. They kept their eyes on the sacramental bond by which they are now one in the eyes of God and Church.

One cannot but rejoice and be enriched at the sight of such courage and faith!

May the Lord guide them all the days of their life.

And may the Lord use them to witness that faithful loving and living to other young people who cross their path, and thus show the world how the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, loves His Bride, the Church – till death, even death on a cross.

Congratulations again and again!


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