On Casting Nets today: Chris, Tony, and I discuss the new evangelization

I will be on the radio online today from 5:00-6:00 pm CST with Chris and Tony from Casting Nets.

When speaking in Wichita, Kansas, at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference this past August, I was interviewed at the exhibitor’s booth of these two fine fellow evangelizers, Chris Stewart and Tony Brandt, founders of Casting Nets, a ministry they hope will become “your resource for the new evangelization.” Their website is indeed a very fine resource for the new evangelization! Check it out: www.CastingNetsOnline.com.

Listen today as Tony, Chris, and I speak about the new evangelization – the topic and mission which we live and breathe daily, our great passion, as seek to love the Lord and our neighbor with all we have, and seek to “go into the deep and cast (our) nets for a catch” (Luke 5: 5.)

The interview airs today online from 5:00-6:00 pm CST at http://www.CastingNetsOnline.com. They will have it available on their website under archives, as well as through iTunes by the end of the week.

Spread the word! And enjoy.

Incidentally, for years the Luke 5:5 passage has been among my favorite Scripture passages, even before the days when I worked for Evangelization 2000, an international organization that had that passage in its logo and motto, as it promoted with Pope John Paul II’s blessing the 1990s as a “Decade of Evangelization” worldwide. And guess what? The 84 year-old founder of Evangelization 2000 -who is among the most travelled and best evangelists I know- Fr. Tom Forrest, CSSR is at it again! Now, he is gearing the world up for… listen to this…

…Evangelization 2033!

Why? Because “the Greatest of All Jubilees, the Year 2033, marks the 2000 Anniversary of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of All Mankind.” Check it out: www.evangelization2000.org and www.evangelization2000.org.

Enjoy all God is about these days – and in the years and decades to come! And…

Tune into my TV weekly show, Prepare The Way, as I discuss all matters related to the new evangelization with a variety of local and national leaders on Catholic Television of San Antonio (CTSA-Channel 15, Time Warner Cable): view on your TV on Mondays (11:30 am), Wednesdays (10:30 am), and Fridays (9:30 pm.) Some shows can be viewed online at any time at http://www.archsa.org/Evangelization and http://www.youtube.com/user/ievangelize1.

Visit this blog regularly for Catholic news and views, reflections and inspiration and visit our website for periodic updates, resources, and tools for the new eavneglization we are called to carry out evermore effectively: www.archsa.org/Evangelization. It is being re-designed: so visit often!

Pray the Lord pours out abundant grace for the work of evangelization He wishes to accomplish here – for the greater glory of God and the good of His People.

United in Christ for a New Evangelization from sea to shining sea,

Martha Fernández-Sardina

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