“What on Earth is Going On? The New English Translation of the New Roman Missal”

November 27 is soon approaching. Don’t get stuck wondering “What on earth is going on?” Changes to the Roman Missal will be implemented in the United States on the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011, but may have arrived as early as October 1 in your parish, as the sung parts of the Mass are being used in parishes across the land with the permission of each local Ordinary as agreed upon by the USCCB. If you’re curious about what this means for you, your parish, and the Church at large, don’t miss Prepare The Way on CTSA-Channel 15 this coming week as I sit down with my guest, Father Heliodoro Lucatero, Director for the Office of Worship and author of The Living Mass: Changes to the Roman Missal and How We Worship, and explore the changes in the English translation of the Roman Missal, in a four-part series titled: “What On Earth Is Going On?! The New English Translation of the New Roman Missal.”

In this four-part series you will have a chance to learn:

  • The power of the liturgy to affect our experience in Mass, and why translation is so important
  • How we unite ourselves to the heavenly liturgy through Eucharistic celebration
  • The history behind each edition of the Roman Missal and where it came from
  • How the new translation will aid the faithful in attaining full, conscious, and active participation in the Mass

Don’t miss out on any of these helpful resources to help you fully anticipate the arrival of the newest edition of the Roman Missal:

Prepare the Way airs three times a week on CTSA: Mondays (11:30 am), Wednesdays (10:30 am), and Fridays (9:30 pm).

Some shows can also be viewed online at www.archsa.org/Evangelization on the Media, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, and Pastoral Letter pages.

Some of my talks and videos can be found at www.youtube.com/user/ievangelize1, which is being updated regularly.

Some of my guest appearances on other TV shows can be found online, such as my interviews on “Cara A Cara” where I addressed the dignity and the vocation of women, the new feminism, and purity and chastity with host Alejandro Bermúdez:


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