All things new! Advent Season. Liturgical Year. New English Translation of the Roman Missal. New hearts and minds.

Come, let us worship the Lord, the King who is to come. With this antiphon, the Church begins the day in prayer throughout the Advent Season which commences today.

The King will come. He did already, in His First Coming. He comes daily in Word and Sacrament. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead at His Second Coming. Are you ready? Get ready!

The Lord will make all things new on that great and glorious day, Sacred Scripture assures us. And to train and prepare us for this final change and newness, the King sees to it that we become accustomed to gradual, meaningful, and lasting change and growth here on earth, as we journey to our heavenly homeland. His Church gives us various liturgical seasons in which to emphasize various aspects of His multiple comings and His self-giving – be it in the Crib, the Cup, the Cross, and the Church.

Today we begin one such liturgical season -the Advent Season- one filled with prayerful awaiting, reflection, anticipation, awe (real awe in the presence of the only truly awesome One!)

With this Season, we inaugurate the Liturgical Year or Church Year, which gives us all a new opportunity to start again, to focus again on what really matters – the mystery of Faith!

Furthermore, in several Anglophone (English-speaking) countries, we also begin the implementation of the new English translation of the Roman Missal, third edition.

This is, thus, a triply blessed time: new year (new beginning!), new Season (new grace), and new translation (new appreciation for the timeless mystery of the Holy Mass!) May this triply blessed time help us all renew our hearts and minds and renew our commitment to Christ in His Church.

It can be challenging to keep a good Advent. We are all stressed this time of year, and increasingly so due to the economic crisis and its effects on our lives, especially for those without a job or barely meeting their needs. The consumeristic society in which we live bombards us with daily ads and lures to want more, buy more, have more, give more. Giving in to instant gratification and the “show of life” can ruin our Advent. Be sober and alert. If we fail to remain vigilant, the enticements of this so-called “holiday season” will barely leave any room for the spiritual aspects and true celebration of the Holy Days that make up the great and glorious Christian Seasons of Advent and Christmas. Our focus should be on preparing well to celebrate Christ’s Incarnation – His taking on our human nature to save us and give us a share in His divine life – and His coming to us daily and one day in glory.

Are you ready? Get ready! Don’t miss out on the graces and joy of this Season and the next!

You will find information and resources elsewhere in this blog related to the new English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal, including information of my 4-part television series on the topic: be sure to catch the last episode airing this week on Catholic Television of San Antonio (CTSA). I hope to have all 4 episodes available online very soon. Here are some additional resources which I believe you will find useful as we celebrate Advent and keep holy the Lord’s Day with the help of the new Mass translation:


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