Have a happy, holy, and healthy New Year 2012!

Have a happy, holy, and healthy New Year 2012!

But remember Christmas after the party is over tonight…



I watched Joanna Bogle’s EWTN “Seasons and Feasts” this morning (find her recipes, book, and shows online for tips on celebrating the Catholic Faith throughout the year): she mentioned that we overdo the Christmas themes during the Advent Season and thus feel we have little to celebrate during the 12 days of Christmas. (The 12 days of Christmas go from Christmas Day to the Epiphany of Our Lord, a favorite feast of mine as Christ is revealed as the king of kings who come to pay Him homage. In the U.S., being a movable feast, the 12 days of Christmas become more like 14 days of Christmas.)

But most don’t celebrate Christmas beyond a day: the true day-by-day celebration of the meaning of Christmas is lost so quickly – once the presents are opened and the decorations are taken down and even trashed, and we move on to new year’s champagne and glitter, fireworks and resolutions. The true celebration of the entire Christmas Season and each of the themes proposed during the 12 days is unfortunately influenced by the world’s short memory and hurry to move on to “the next thing.”

And most people, even among practicing Catholics, don’t even know that once we celebrated Christmas through Candlemas or the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple on February 2 (another favorite feast of mine because I love Simeon and Anna -devout, Spirit-led, prayerful, Christ-awaiting believers!- and because the feast reminds us how Christ has revealed Himself as light to the nations and the glory of His people, Israel. It was also my Dad’s birth day.)

I hope and pray we do better next year, as we enter into the Year of Faith (10/11/12 through 11/24/13) and slow down during Advent, delay the Christmas carols till Christmas, truly season up the Season, live up each moment and mystery therein, and get the most out of this most important mystery of faith!


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