3… 2… 1 day left before Pentecost Eve 2012!

3… 2… 1 day left before Pentecost Eve 2012!

Join Archbishop Gustavo and Bishop Cantú for the Fourth Annual Archdiocesan Pentecost Eve Vigil Mass and Celebration on Saturday, May 26 – 6:30 pm (St. Matthew Catholic Church). Archbishop Gustavo and Bishop Cantú are eager to see you and your communities!

Watch… Read… Invite… Come… Pray!

  • Watch Bishop Cantú’s videotaped invitation on our YouTube Channel (click here: video) 
  • Read our 2012 Pentecost Eve Extra which has important articles and prayers for personal and family use homilies, at our newly updated Holy Spirit/Pentecost web page where you will find other articles, homilies, prayers, photos, and TV shows on the Holy Spirit, including a challenging and inspiring presentation by Fr. Tom Forrest, CSSR, on “Power To Get The Impossible Done” (www.archsa.org/evangelization/pentecost.aspx)
  • Pray for a new Pentecost in your life and mine, in our Church and our country, as we gather in “urgent prayer” for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives, in the Church, and in the world! How much we need the Holy Spirit to be and make disciples! As Pope Paul VI said years ago: “The Church has a need for the Holy Spirit: a basic need, an existential need, a need that cannot be satisfied with illusions, with substitutes… a universal need, a permanent need…” (Pope Paul VI, General Audience, October 12, 1966)
  • Come and pray for a “new Pentecost” and a “culture of Pentecost” and for a “culture of witness” for a “New Evangelization”


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