Come, Holy Spirit, come! ¡Ven, Espíritu Santo, ven!

Come, Holy Spirit, come! ¡Ven, Espíritu Santo, ven!

Just back from our Fourth Annual Archdiocesan Pentecost Eve Vigil Mass and Celebration with Archbishop Gustavo, Bishop Cantú, and (this year) just under 750 brothers and sisters from various lay ecclesial movements and new communities, apostolates, ministries, organizations, and Orders from across the archdiocese – and one couple that came all the way from Houston just to be with us… thanks to my e-blasts! (They heard me speak when I first moved to San Antonio 6 years ago this coming June and appreciate being on one of my e-lists.)

We would have had another 500 people if the Holy Spirit had not been keeping individuals and families busy all month at other “outpourings” and “anointings”, such as the recent celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Orders (three men were ordained priests at San Fernando Cathedral last weekend), the many celebrations of the Sacrament of Confirmation (Bishop Cantú presided over one right before our Mass), the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (I myself attended a wedding yesterday afternoon), the Sacrament of Baptism (there were three or four at St. Matthew’s earlier today), and the glorious celebration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and reception of First Holy Communion in every parish (my own having been on a May 31 many years ago.) Throughout May, there were other family gatherings, such as middle school and high school and college graduations, and Memorial Day weekend travels and get-togethers.

Those of us present at the Pentecost Vigil, including the Archbishop, enjoyed our time together in this extended Mass in the form of a vigil of urgent prayer for the Holy Spirit. The singing, prayer, and worship of God in unity… the pondering of six biblical readings, each accompanied by a psalm and a prayer… Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller’s homily and his closing call to pray for a clear pastoral vision ( and for the defense and protection of our first and most cherished liberty – religious freedom (… our fellowship in the hall and the viewing of a trailer of the movie “For Greater Glory” (… all served to lift our spirits and ready us for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Yes, opportunities and challenges…

Let us all prepare well to celebrate the “Year of Faith” beginning on 10-11-12 (, a great opportunity to deepen our faith, to rid ourselves of doubts and confusion regarding the Gospel truth, to solidify our adherence to the Faith that has come to us from the Apostles, and to further ready ourselves to make a sincere and bold public proclamation of our Christian profession of faith. We will greatly benefit from reading (or re-reading) the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the 16 documents of the Second Vatican Council, seeking to understand them according to a proper hermeneutics, Pope Benedict XVI said in Porta Fidei, so as to fully implement the intended reform in a spirit of continuity with all we have professed and proclaimed for 2,000 years – for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Let us pray for the Synod of Bishops on “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith” which Archbishop Gustavo will attend with three of his brother bishops from the U.S. (October 7-28), another great opportunity to ponder how to fully implement the new evangelization launched years ago by Pope Paul VI’s call for a Second Vatican Council ( and more specifically, by Blessed John Paul II, the pilgrim pope of the new evangelization (

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to grant us -in the words of Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI- a New Pentecost for a New Evangelization, that we might indeed foster and sustain a culture of Pentecost and a culture of witness ( – and face the challenge of giving a reasonable, convincing, fearless Christian witness that includes a new evangelization of culture in which, as faithful citizens and faithful Catholics, we uphold and proclaim in Church and in the public square the truth about God, the truth about the human person, the truth about sexuality, procreation, marriage, and family life, and the truth about religious freedom and freedom of conscience in our land and beyond.

Let us join our bishops and fellow Catholics across the U.S. in prayer, study, catechesis, and action during the month of June and into July, in response to an immediate challenge we face as the Body of Christ: that of defending our first and most cherished liberty – freedom of religion and of conscience which are at the heart of what we celebrate on Independence Day this and every 4th of July  ( Our freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are currently threatened by the H.H.S. Mandate which will go into full effect this coming August with devastating consequences to  our life as Catholics and Americans, if it is not rescinded by the government or declared void by the Supreme Court.

May the events and resources listed in this calendar help unite our minds and hearts and produce fruit that will last (

Come, Holy Spirit, come! ¡Ven, Espíritu Santo, ven!

May you experience a new Pentecost for a new evangelization! May the Holy Spirit do something wonderful in your life and in the lives of those around you – through you!

Enjoy the great and glorious Solemnity of Pentecost!

For more information on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost, including articles, homilies, papal documents, TV interviews, prayers, and slideshows, visit our Holy Spirit/Pentecost website:

2 Responses to “Come, Holy Spirit, come! ¡Ven, Espíritu Santo, ven!”
  1. Great *red* photo with His Excellency! Thank you for your hard work, Martha. It was a beautiful celebration.

    We will also be supporting the Fortnight for Freedom on “Catholicism Live!” with a special program on Wednesday, June 27 with HLI America’s Director Arland Nichols.

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