Conversion. Discipleship. Evangelization.


Not following the logic of the world, but of the Lord 

Converted missionary disciples who are becoming saints

Embracing the place and the role Jesus gives us

Doing not our will, but the will of the Lord  


It was good to see and hear Archbishop Salvatore (Rino) Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, on EWTN. Archbishop Fisichella, who is visiting the United States for several engagements, delivered a great homily at EWTN’s headquarters based on the powerfully challenging Mass Readings for Tuesday, February 25, the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time.  


We met in Australia a year and a half ago when we served as the two keynote speakers of the first new evangelization conference organized by the Australian Catholic Conference – PROCLAIM 2012: www.proclaimconference.com.au/event. In Sydney, we had several great chats, did a little site-seeing together, and discussed in an interview the topic that motivates and mobilizes both of us from the rising of the sun to its setting: conversion and holiness, discipleship and the new evangelization for the transmission of the Christian Faith by new evangelizers who are converted and becoming saints!  


Enjoy my television interview with Archbishop Rino Fisichella at www.Vimeo.com/MarthaFernandezSardina.  


Enjoy my blog posts from and about my visit to Australia in August of 2012:

Greetings from Australia!


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Enjoy the broadcast of Archbishop Fisichella’s EWTN homily (http://bcove.me/9lwd57e0) – let us not be afraid to be fully converted and transformed by Christ into a missionary disciple and a saint.  


Excerpts from a homily by Archbishop Salvatore (Rino) Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, on EWTN:  


“Once again… the disciples of Jesus misunderstand His teaching.  


“They are not listening to Him and this is very sad… Jesus is teaching about… the center of our Faith and they are worried about something else, they are speaking about who will be the first.  


“Jesus speaks to us and we don’t listen to Him. We are worried about our cares – and then we do not understand, not only His revelation, His Word, but also ourselves.  


“If we don’t understand the Word of God we can never understand our own life, the meaning of our life. We can understand the meaning, the mystery of our life only if we put it in the light of the Word of God, in the light of His mystery, His mystery of love, of resurrection.  


“We are afraid of the response that comes from God… because this response can change our life, can and should change our behavior… We cannot stay the same: when we truly encounter Jesus Christ we change, we are called to change our lives.  


“Change your life and believe the Gospel: there is no other possibility, my friends. When we encounter Jesus we should change our lives and so pass from sin to the grace of the Lord.  


“But we want to be the first. We want to follow the logic of this world, and that cannot be the behavior in order to put in us the grace, the life of God.  


“We should really uproot the logic of the world from our lives; we should keep the logic that was expressed by the Apostle James: ‘humble yourself before the Lord; He, He will exalt you.’ Our logic is always, ‘who will be the first among us?’ Not for God: before God ‘humble yourself’…  


“You will have your place – in the Church, in the world, in the family, everywhere – the first, second, third… it doesn’t matter: I will play the role Jesus gives to me, because this is the will of God. What we are called to live in our life is not our will, but the will of the Lord. This is joy, this is peace for our soul and for our own life.  


“Never be afraid… from Him come only joy, grace, deep sense for our lives…  


“We ask for the intercession of Mary, our Mother: we ask to be all the time in the condition to surrender ourselves to the grace of the Lord and to live according to His will.”  

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