Remember You Are Loved™/Eres Amado™/Você É Amado™ Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary… and is going strong!


Pope Francis is on a mission of love… and so are we!

We are committed to fostering the “rEVOLution of love and tenderness” which he calls for in Evangelii Gaudium, On The Joy of the Gospel, and elsewhere!

We are committed and making advances in developing “a culture of encounter” in imitation of the God of encounter who became Incarnate for love of us.

We give thanks to God for what we have been able to accomplish during this past year – and for what we will accomplish as we begin our second year!


Remember You Are Loved™/Eres Amado™/Você É Amado™ Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary… and is going strong!

July 22 marks the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Remember You Are Loved™/Eres Amado™/Você É Amado™, a New Evangelization Love Outreach Project of Prepare The Way Enterprises™.

I launched it from the Miami International Airport on the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene, “the apostle to the Apostles”, the first to see the Risen Lord and bring the Good News to the Apostles, on my way to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which had as its theme “go and make disciples of all nations.” From Miami to Rio, and from Rio “to the ends of the earth”, the good news of God’s love is spreading across the globe, as depicted in her short World Youth Day Love Video available at

The Lord inspired and entrusted me with this Love Outreach not long before the election of Pope Francis to the papacy, and it has certainly been catapulted and further developed since he immediately began to speak about a “revolution of love”, a “rEVOLution of tenderness”, and at the WYD Closing Mass he sent us on “On A Mission of Love”!

So we are…
On A Mission of Love With Pope Francis
En Una Mision de Amor con el Papa Francisco
Em Uma Missão do Amor com o Papa Francisco

We are preparing for the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia and the 2016 World Youth Day in Poland.

Our mission is to…
…show and tell others how deeply and dearly loved they are because we are all LOVABLE…
…show and tell others how deeply and dearly we must love others because we are all LOVE-ABLE…
…show and tell others that all the Church teaches is good and a manifestation of God’s love because GOD IS LOVE.

Yes, we are…
Made in Love, by Love, and for Love.
Loved from Factory.
Called to live as Loved Lovers.
Called to live as Love Messengers.

In small and big ways, together we can spread love throughout the world, as Christ has commanded us. To do so…

…We have a multimedia and multilingual website, which continues to expand and will have ten or twenty times more content and resources and useful links!
…We have Facebook pages in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and Twitter accounts too.
…We have seminars and talks series in various languages, and besides speaking about the New Evangelization, Christian living, and Catholic teaching, in the last year I’ve been speaking about love across the US and in other countries, as far east and south as New Zealand.
…We have love outreach items in three languages that are spreading around the world, including 10,000 wristbands and hundreds of t-shirts distributed to people in over 80 countries on all continents (3,000 at WYD in Rio.)

Not too bad for a project that has limited resources and manpower. We have accomplished much and there’s much more to come!

Interest continues to grow everywhere as this simple but profound message of love and tenderness, welcome and compassion catches on quickly. After all, true love “sums up the Law and the Prophets” Jesus said and the human heart longs to BE LOVED and to LOVE.

As more people WEAR and SHARE our LOVE OUTREACH ITEMS and learn the many ways in which we can and must LOVE MESSAGE family and strangers, friends and enemies on a daily basis, they join thousands of others around the world who have become LOVE MESSENGERS.

So can you!
-Love more and love better!
-Love message someone today!
-Become a Love Messenger!
-Remember You Are Loved!









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