100, 99, 98… Get Mercy, Give Mercy and Live Mercy… #100WaysIn100Days

LAST 100 DAYS of the #JubileeYearOfMercy #JubileeOfMercy (August 13-November 20)

It’s never to late to begin to #GetMercy, #GiveMercy and #LiveMercy. This is how… #100WaysIn100Days.


1) Know thy God. Don’t believe everything you hear about God, but do believe what God has revealed about himself: God is love. God is rich in mercy. Love-Mercy is God’s greatest attribute! Through prayer and reading a passage everyday from Sacred Scripture, get to know God more intimately. He desires to reveal Himself to you, that you may experience His love-mercy fully and eternally. Pray: Father, help me understand more fully who You are and what You grant us in Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let us pray: Lord, #MercyMe and allow me to know and show the #MisericordiaeVultus, the #FaceOfMercy to others. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.






Year of Mercy (2)

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