LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS. #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS. How different the world would be if we were all more trusting and trustworthy!

84, 83, 82… days left until the end of the Extraordinary #JubileeYearOfMercy. It’s never too late to begin to #LiveMercy. Here is how… #100WaysIn100Days!


Pope Francis invites us to do so, while reflecting on St. Paul’s 1 Corinthians 13 hymn to love. Let go and let God work in the hearts, minds, and wills of others. Learn to exercise a love that believes all things: “Love trusts, it sets free, it does not try to control, possess and dominate everything.”

Read below Pope Francis’ reflection on love-believing and believing-love, as he calls and challenges us to #GetMercy, #GiveMercy and #BeGodsMercy during and beyond this year of grace and favor from our God. Put into practice daily our #100WaysIn100Days:

Lord, #MercyMe and allow me to know and show the #MisericordiaeVultus, the #FaceOfMercy to others beyond the end of the #JubileeOfMercy. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Love believes all things

114. Panta pisteúei. Love believes all things. Here “belief ” is not to be taken in its strict theological meaning, but more in the sense of what we mean by “trust”. This goes beyond simply presuming that the other is not lying or cheating. Such basic trust recognizes God’s light shining beyond the darkness, like an ember glowing beneath the ash.

115. This trust enables a relationship to be free. It means we do not have to control the other person, to follow their every step lest they escape our grip. Love trusts, it sets free, it does not try to control, possess and dominate everything. This freedom, which fosters independence, an openness to the world around us and to new experiences, can only enrich and expand relationships. The spouses then share with one another the joy of all they have received and learned outside the family circle. At the same time, this freedom makes for sincerity and transparency, for those who know that they are trusted and appreciated can be open and hide nothing. Those who know that their spouse is always suspicious, judgmental and lacking unconditional love, will tend to keep secrets, conceal their failings and weaknesses, and pretend to be someone other than who they are. On the other hand, a family marked by loving trust, come what may, helps its members to be themselves and spontaneously to reject deceit, falsehood, and lies.

(Amoris Laetitia, 114-115:


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