#100WaysIn100Days – #GetMercy, #GiveMercy, #LiveMercy. BE PATIENT.

#100WaysIn100Days – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN to #LiveMercy! Live fully the last 92 days of the #JubileeYearOfMercy: learn to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy beyond the #JubileeOfMercy! 92 days… 9) BE PATIENT. God is love. Love is patient. Love! Be patient. Toward fellow human beings. Made in the image and likeness of God, like us. … Continue reading

95, 94, 93… Get Mercy, Give Mercy, Live Mercy… #100WaysIn100Days

LAST 100 DAYS of the ‪#‎JubileeYearOfMercy‬ (August 13-November 20)! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to begin to ‪#‎GetMercy‬, ‪#‎GiveMercy‬ and ‪#‎LiveMercy‬. THIS IS HOW: ‪#‎100WaysIn100Days‬. 95… 6) Seek. Seek and you shall find. Actively and decisively pursue the love-mercy of God which is readily available to everyone. Seek and find His pardon and peace by sincerely … Continue reading

97, 96, 95… Get Mercy, Give Mercy, Live Mercy.. #100WaysIn100Days

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to begin to #GetMercy, #GiveMercy and #LiveMercy. THIS IS HOW: #100WaysIn100Days. 97… 4) Discover Jesus fully. Jesus Christ means a lot of things to a lot of people. Know what He knew and revealed about Himself. he has revealed himself to be the face of mercy. Study the reason for His conception … Continue reading

You are the love of my life!

The love of my life! In today’s Gospel, Jesus Christ poses a crucial, life-changing, and life-giving question to His disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” (Mk 8:27-33) Who is Jesus for you? My answer is unequivocal: You are the love of my life! You have been the love of my life for quite … Continue reading

AD 33… 2013… 2033… New Evangelization, Now and Then

AD 33… 2013… 2033… The New Evangelization, Now and Then “Jesus did not come simply to make bad people good, but to make a dead man alive, to set captives free.” So true! This statement is attributed to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and it contains a critically important truth which we must fully understand and embrace if we are … Continue reading

Parish Evangelization Team (P.E.T.) Training Workshop, December 8, 2012

Join us for a FREE updated Year of Faith Parish Evangelization Team Training Workshop this coming Saturday, December 8. Learn: What Pope Benedict XVI’s #1 priority is What the Year of Faith aims at What Church documents say about the New Evangelization Why Parish Evangelization Teams (P.E.T.s) are important for parish life How to design … Continue reading

30 Ways iEvangelize

Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú on PREPARE THE WAY!

Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú is my guest this Wednesday and Friday, April 18 and 20 on my local, weekly television program, PREPARE THE WAY on CTSA-15. We discuss his recent Quinquennial Visit ad limina apostolorum, and meetings with the Pope and Vatican officials, including the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting The New Evangelization. … Continue reading

‘We would like to see Jesus’, they said and still say

‘We would like to see Jesus’, the Greeks said in today’s Gospel. They said that then. People still say it today. That is my experience repeatedly. People want to talk about God, believe it or not! They ask. They pose questions. They inquire. They are curious. Some are contentious, but many are genuinely interested. Are … Continue reading

O come, o come, Sapientia, Adonai, Radix Jesse, Clavis David, Oriens, Rex Gentium, Emmanuel!

O come, o come, Sapientia, Adonai, Radix Jesse, Clavis David, Oriens, Rex Gentium, Emmanuel! The O Antiphons are here as we begin the last lap of our Advent journey. They invite us to pray with longing to and for the coming of the Most High who promises to come soon in power and in love to save … Continue reading