Pay Him homage, as is due

Pay Him homage, as is due. Come, bow down and worship. Seek the Lord while He can be found. Wise Men still do. Enjoy this powerful Epiphany homily by Pope Benedict XVI. Pray that every bishop and indeed every Christian is known as a fervent follower of Christ, gripped by God’s concern for souls, a courageous pilgrim … Continue reading

The Lord bless you and keep you…

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas all the way until the very end of this glorious Christmas Season on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, January 13 this year. I hope you have enjoyed the Octave of Christmas and the beginning of 2013. I did. As I enjoyed my first Mass of 2013 … Continue reading

The Year of Faith has begun!

I welcome the Year of Faith (10-11-12 through 11-24-13) with open arms and open heart! This will indeed be a year of favor from the Lord, a year of grace, a time of reflection, rediscovery, and renewal!   The official Opening of the Year of Faith was held at St. Peter’s Basilica this morning with a … Continue reading

ATTENTION all parents and godparents, educators and evangelists!

ATTENTION all parents and godparents, baptized and adoptive families! ATTENTION all educators and evangelists, teachers and preachers! What the Pope said today could become a new year’s resolution for all of us… Stay connected to Christ through His Word, Sacraments, and prayer if you are to witness and teach, educate and mature the faith of … Continue reading

Three Kings-Magi-Wise Men presented as models of the undeterring truth-seeking at any cost

The Three Kings or Magi or Wise Men were presented by the Holy Father as models of the undeterring truth-seeking at any cost which should characterize bishops, in his homily at Friday’s Mass for the Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord to the nations at which he consecrated two archbishops. Let us take to … Continue reading

Jeff Cavins is coming to town! Give the gift of Revelation this Christmas!

Give the gift of Revelation this Christmas! The gift is perfect… The price is right… The time is now… Unpack The Mysteries of Revelation with Jeff Cavins on February 25 and be fed for free on February 24!  Have you ever had questions about the “End Times”? Have you been warned about “The Rapture” or been told that … Continue reading

Lights, Oil, Action!

Yes, water, white garments, and lots of prayers too. Do you remember your Baptism? I don’t mean the actual ceremony – one filled with meaningful and life-transforming rites and rituals  – though it is not a bad idea at all to go over what took place the day of your Baptism (  I mean, do you … Continue reading

What can we learn from these Wise Guys?

Blessings to you on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord! This is a great Solemnity that is celebrated on different dates and on which we celebrate different but interconnected manifestations of the Lord to His people! The Antiphon for the Benedictus during Lauds or Morning Prayer states: Today the bridegroom claims his bride, … Continue reading

Pray Hard

Today we celebrate the Memorial of another great saint who ministered to people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland: Bishop John Neumann. He prayed. He prayed hard. He prayed well. He knew that communion with God, nurtured by honest, heartfelt, childlike prayer helps us become what we are, what we are called to be: saints. Among … Continue reading

Just Do It – Do It Well

Today we celebrate the Memorial of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born canonized saint. A wife and mother, educator and foundress of a religious community, she became a saint doing extraordinarily well the ordinary tasks entrusted to her by God in ordinary life. She once taught her sisters and spiritual daughters the key to … Continue reading