LOVE IS NOT RUDE. #GetMercy #GiveMercy #LiveMercy! #100WaysIn100Days

LOVE IS NOT RUDE. Are we being schooled in courtesy, sensitivity, agreeableness, respect, disinterestedness, and the “otherness” that uproots rudeness and veiled antisocial behavior? You can do it! So can I. And it’s not optional, rather, Pope Francis says, it is “an essential requirement of love.” Let us learn to #GetMercy and #GiveMercy during and … Continue reading

AD 33… 2013… 2033… New Evangelization, Now and Then

AD 33… 2013… 2033… The New Evangelization, Now and Then “Jesus did not come simply to make bad people good, but to make a dead man alive, to set captives free.” So true! This statement is attributed to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and it contains a critically important truth which we must fully understand and embrace if we are … Continue reading

Prayer works – and the Pope is ready for some hard work!

Prayer works – and the Pope is ready for some hard work! The papal abdication or renunciation of the Petrine Ministry has been in the daily news, the world over, since this past February 10/11 – depending on which side of the world you live in. Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down from The Chair … Continue reading

Long live the Pope! Following God’s will…

Pope Benedict XVI announced on February 10 that he is renouncing the Chair of Peter (not exactly resigning nor retiring) effective February 28. Like so many, I felt some sadness and some surprise, but mostly a deep sense that he is following God’s will – a will he has confirmed through much humble, honest, trusting prayer … Continue reading

Pay Him homage, as is due

Pay Him homage, as is due. Come, bow down and worship. Seek the Lord while He can be found. Wise Men still do. Enjoy this powerful Epiphany homily by Pope Benedict XVI. Pray that every bishop and indeed every Christian is known as a fervent follower of Christ, gripped by God’s concern for souls, a courageous pilgrim … Continue reading

Parish Evangelization Team (P.E.T.) Training Workshop, December 8, 2012

Join us for a FREE updated Year of Faith Parish Evangelization Team Training Workshop this coming Saturday, December 8. Learn: What Pope Benedict XVI’s #1 priority is What the Year of Faith aims at What Church documents say about the New Evangelization Why Parish Evangelization Teams (P.E.T.s) are important for parish life How to design … Continue reading

¡Retiro de Adviento sobre el Concilio Vaticano Segundo para Nuevos Evangelizadores en este Año de la Fe!

¡Retiro de Adviento sobre el Concilio Vaticano Segundo para Nuevos Evangelizadores en este Año de la Fe! El papa Benedicto XVI ha llamado a la Iglesia a estudiar el Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica y los documentos del Concilio Vaticano Segundo (o Vaticano II). Este sábado 15 de diciembre, la Oficina de Evangelización de la Arquidiócesis … Continue reading

The Year of Faith has begun!

I welcome the Year of Faith (10-11-12 through 11-24-13) with open arms and open heart! This will indeed be a year of favor from the Lord, a year of grace, a time of reflection, rediscovery, and renewal!   The official Opening of the Year of Faith was held at St. Peter’s Basilica this morning with a … Continue reading

N.E.T.S.: a dynamic, up-to-date, practical, and useful new evangelization training opportunity! Register today!

Are you ready for some new evangelization? The Pope is! And it is urgent: “A profound crisis of faith… has affected many people… the love of Christ… impels us to evangelize…” (Pope Benedict XVI: Porta Fidei, 2; 7) “Even in countries evangelized many centuries ago, the reality of a ‘Christian society’ which… measured itself explicitly … Continue reading

You will be my witnesses…to the ends of the earth

Who could have imagined that my first public proclamation of the Word of God, the day of my First Holy Communion, would literally become true? Even with my growing enthusiasm for Christ and the Faith, I did not anticipate at such a young age that I would actually live out the words of Jesus in … Continue reading