“THE BEEBS” AND HIS “BELIEBERS” – REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED This Bieber brother needs prayers – now! His Mother likely does too – as do his closest associates, promoters, advisors, lawyers, caretakers, teachers, entourage, friends, and fans. Yesterday, having been released from detention, Beiber compares himself, via Instagram picture and caption, with none other than the … Continue reading

A Man, A Mission, A Method – Academically Excellent and Passionately Catholic

We all know that over the last several decades, Catholic higher education has undergone a series of significant changes. Some universities that bear the name Catholic many times appear to hold values contrary to the Catholic Faith. Some institutions allow and even support positions and activities that are contrary to the Church’s teachings. Non-Catholic and … Continue reading

World Youth Day is underway!

Over a million youth and young adults, along with adults in all states of life -lay, religious, and clergy, including some 800 bishops, including archbishops and Cardinals from The Vatican and around the world- have descended upon Madrid and gathered today with the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI for their first of several encounters … Continue reading

WYD: No “flash in the pan”, but an extraordinary instrument for evangelization

So exciting to know that despite growing unbelief and secularism across the globe, again, hundreds of thousands, indeed, likely two million young people will gather this coming week another faith-building and life-changing experience during World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. The excitement is fever pitch, as youth and young adults from all over the planet arrive … Continue reading