All I Want For Pentecost Is YOU!

HOLY SPIRIT – DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HIM! I love the Holy Spirit! I can’t live without Him! In fact, none of us can because He is “the Lord and Giver of life.” (The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed) And no one can say “Jesus is Lord!” except in the Holy Spirit, Sacred Scripture tells us. (1 Cor … Continue reading

Love Messaging is in! Are you in?

ON A MISSION OF LOVE WITH POPE FRANCIS! Love Messaging is in! Are you in? Join us as we spread some love to all – this Christmas and all year round! Our New Evangelization LOVE OUTREACH ITEMS make great Christmas gifts for use yearlong! And “love messaging” friends and strangers with our LoveStrong(c) wristbands is … Continue reading

The Year of Faith has begun!

I welcome the Year of Faith (10-11-12 through 11-24-13) with open arms and open heart! This will indeed be a year of favor from the Lord, a year of grace, a time of reflection, rediscovery, and renewal!   The official Opening of the Year of Faith was held at St. Peter’s Basilica this morning with a … Continue reading

N.E.T.S.: a dynamic, up-to-date, practical, and useful new evangelization training opportunity! Register today!

Are you ready for some new evangelization? The Pope is! And it is urgent: “A profound crisis of faith… has affected many people… the love of Christ… impels us to evangelize…” (Pope Benedict XVI: Porta Fidei, 2; 7) “Even in countries evangelized many centuries ago, the reality of a ‘Christian society’ which… measured itself explicitly … Continue reading

100, 99, 98… 95 days until the opening of the Year of Faith on 10-11-12!

100, 99, 98… 95 days until the opening of the Year of Faith on 10-11-12! Duc in altum! Go into the deep! The Year of Faith is almost here. It is less than 100 days away. Are you ready? We are being called by the Lord Jesus to go deep with Him and to go into … Continue reading

‘We would like to see Jesus’, they said and still say

‘We would like to see Jesus’, the Greeks said in today’s Gospel. They said that then. People still say it today. That is my experience repeatedly. People want to talk about God, believe it or not! They ask. They pose questions. They inquire. They are curious. Some are contentious, but many are genuinely interested. Are … Continue reading

Knock, knock? Who’s there? A Catholic evangelizer with lots of Advent Good News!

Join the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization in its efforts to reach inactive Catholics and the growing number of unchurched and secularized people, and countering what pope Benedict called “the dictatorship of relativism” – a religion of unbelief! Help make your parish an evangelized and evangelizing community of faith as you become an … Continue reading

Does your parish have a PET? Help it get one this Advent – for free!

Take your place in the Church’s new evangelization! Months before leaving for Los Angeles, Archbishop José H. Gomez stated in You Will Be My Witnesses: A Pastoral Letter to the People of God of San Antonio On the Christian Mission to Evangelize and Proclaim Jesus Christ: “I am very enthusiastic about the growth of evangelization … Continue reading

iEvangelize? How about you? Pope calls for new evangelizers

iEvangelize?© How about you? The Vatican held a gathering for the New Evangelization this weekend. It concluded with a Mass for New Evangelizers presided over by Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope announced a “Year of Faith” to begin on October 11, 2012 (yes, 10/11/12!), the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and … Continue reading

I Want to Be Like Them When I Grow Up!

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox: 2011 Pescadores de Hombres Award Recipients In September of 1986, Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox left their respective careers in hotel management and the travel industry to work full-time for St. Matthew Catholic Church. For the first seven years, their main ministry was door-to-door home visitation; in the … Continue reading